February 16, 2018


First conceived in 2013, BEIS is the result of wanting to seemlessly combine education, technological advances and environmental responsibilty; to improve the school experience for all users, not just Students and Teachers but also Parents and Leaders.

Our company philosophy is to use simple tools to create easy-replicable school systems that enhance student performance. From this core objective, BEIS has evolved and sought to ensure its educational services feature the latest curriculum developments, incorporate future STEM career trends, integrate environmental responsiblity and utilise the state of the art hardware and software.

Worldwide resources have enabled BEIS to design multi culturalism into our products from the very start. Ensuring that bilingual & trilingual components are a key feature, this has allowed BEIS to ensure its products are beneficial to a wide range of students and are suitable for a broad range of countries and their differing education systems.

© BEIS 2018, Britannia Educational Inteligent Systems. is a limited company registered in England and Wales. Registered number: 11122374. Registered Office: 2 Union Square, Central Park, Darlington info@beis.uk