June 26, 2019

International Co-Operation in Bozhou

We were approached by DFHY Kindergarten in Bozhou, Anhui to develop an international programme.  Their goal was to foster international co-operation with kindergartens in other countries, create a unique speciality to set them apart from other kindergartens in the City, and to improve the continual professional development of their staff.

We settled on using STEM & video calls as the delivery method for this project. BEIS developed a specialised curriculum, and contacted a number of EYFS settings in the United Kingdom. 

Our Curriculum is based on two video sessions per week. One is a co-operation STEM session, where the children complete a number of activies.  The second is a language based session, where the children each learn the other’s language, culture and play co-operative games. 

This project has run for the first term with just two schools, DHFY and Kate Greenaway School in London.  In September we are widening the project to more schools.