Delivering International stem co-operation projects between Chinese and British schools

What we Do

Learning Management System

Our Innovative Learning Management Software allows unprecedented insight and better management for school leaders and teachers.

International STEM videocall Activities

Facilitating direct School to School cooperation projects focused on STEM areas. Robotics, 3D printing and computer coding are used on a variety of age groups.

Belt and Road partnership Projects

We connect internationally curious Chinese Schools with international schools in Belt and Road Countries. We use STEM and Forest School to deliver co-operation projects.

Edtech Consultancy for International Schools

We undertake bespoke Education consultancy work to match the needs of international schools. Our work has included EYFS, STEM, Gamification and the use of Data.

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Case Studies

Guiyang Prime
Go to Guiyang Prime
A Gamified, Eco School Approach
The Prime School group were expanding their international school programme, and contracted us to develop a unique speciality for their first international school.
Wonderstar International
Go to Wonderstar International
EYFS Curriculum Teacher Training & Delivery
We worked with the Wonderstar Kindergarten group in Wuhan to implement the British EYFS Curriculum for their new flagship Kindergarten.
DFHY Kindergarten Bozhou
Go to DFHY Kindergarten Bozhou
International Kindergarten STEM Project
We were approached by DFHY Kindergarten in Bozhou, Anhui to develop an international programme.

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