Introducing the International STEM Co-operation Project

With kind thanks to “Belt and Road Initiative” sponsorship, we are looking for Kindergartens / Nurseries / Pre-schools around the world to partner with.

Due to time zone restrictions we are currently focused on partners located in the UK or Australia.

Through Video cooperation activities, Competitions, language exchange and STEM focused lessons we are looking to develop technology focused partnerships with other leading kindergartens.  Our focus on STEM, Eco and Cultural exchange, in addition to other internationally appropriate activities, ensure that our partnerships will benefit everyone and demonstrate a ‘win-win’

For our partner schools we are able to provide:

  • Dash or Cubetto or Robo Mouse, Programmable Toys & Robotic kits for STEM Lessons
  • Video Cooperation equipment
  • 3D Printer (in second year of the partnership)
  • A Grant upto £500 to cover your costs
  • Opportunities to Travel to China.
  • Teacher Training
  • Mandarin Language lessons.

We are looking for Partner Kindergartens who can commit to two twenty minute video lessons a week with a small group of children (approximately 80 activities over the school year)

The video lessons will be fully planned and will contain activities that are compatible with the EYFS Curriculum.   We will provide lesson plans and training for your staff via a webinar. 

A typical video lesson could include:

  1. Language exchange and family dialogue.
  2. Cultural exchange focused arts and crafts.
  3. STEM activity.
  4. Story Time.
  5. Music and Singing.