Artificial intelligence and learning, embracing the potential of A.I

Artificial intelligence and learning, embracing the potential of A.I

It goes without saying that education is important, parents buy houses in particular catchment areas and work hard to send their children to the best performing schools. Without doubt those things matter, but what about the classroom itself and the actual content of lessons? Is it better for a learner to work through a syllabus in a group of other very different learners? Or is the process of effective teaching a more personal and far more unique process for a child?

Every young person is unique, and learns differently from the next. In a world where so much relies on the best results, how can we be sure that our children are being taught as individuals? Not just with an eye on passing their next exam, then the one after that…

Education should be much more than that, and artificial intelligence can help. Working with teachers to provide a far more wide-ranging assessment of a learner’s ability and offering targets and tasks that are specifically tailored to them and the ways in which they’ve shown they learn the best.

Far from being something to fear, A.I is more and more being viewed as essential to learning, empowering children to learn in a way that is best for them, and giving tutors and parents a level of insight into their progress that was unheard of before.

A rich individual approach

We all learn differently, and that fact is widely acknowledged by educators, but when faced with creating a lesson plan for a large group, and a strict time limit, how far can conventional teaching take that level of differentiation?

A.I is looking to solve that, with companies providing software and assessments with algorithms designed to identify a child’s unique characteristics, then pairing that child with a tutor whose characteristics complement the learner, as opposed to one teacher teaching a group of learners.

In the mainstream classroom, and particularly in mathematics, artificial intelligence is providing websites and programs offering all children the ability to benefit from a more holistic, one to one form of learning, a benefit that in the past has only been available to those whose parents can afford a physical tutor. Software is now widely available to provide assessments, tailored exercises and instant feedback, with the data collected over time to build a rich and complete picture of a learner’s progress and ability, and more and more schools are embracing it with visible results.

A learner-centred solution

Artificial intelligence and education are two factors of modern life that seem, on the face of it to be natural partners, despite concerns from parents regarding data being collected and collated on their children, the benefits are there for all to see.

Potentially, the achievement gap could be a thing of the past, mixed ability classes could be taught effectively, and all children, regardless of background, ability and location could enjoy the benefits of being stretched and challenged in a way that empowers them to realise and fulfil their potential in an ever more challenging world.

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