February 6, 2018

AiSchool Management Software Suite

AiSchool management software suite of products

AiSchool software suite is designed for the 4 key guiding principles of Education Technology

EASY for Teachers.                       ENCOURAGING for students.

SATISFYING for parents.                   BENEFICIAL for leaders.

With all the normal functionality of other, more basic, LMS software, we have developed a product that combines all the functions neccessary for a High Level International School:

Timetabling,  Lesson Planning, Reporting, library management, Assesments, Staff management, Student management etc.

However we believe that this isn’t enough for a High level international School: Parent satisfaction, governmental approval, Bi-lingual student encouragment, efficient use of time, Health and nutrition information; are key factors needed to stand out in large cities with several competitors.

This is why BEIS’s trademark ‘AI school’ LMS has been developed. So that, from 1 system, the leadership team can better manage teachers and students, whilst keeping parents better informed and address any problems before they become public.

Additionally, using our patented AI (artifical intelligence) system students receive 1-1 individual study plans for each evening and morning. Giving up to 10hrs 1-1 time per week without altering the current timetable.

Our system seemlessly integrates with our 1 green road, Many green schools project, giving schools instant access to STEM and environmentally responsiblity based joint cooperation projects.